TransTaiwan使用Google Analytics蒐集使用者匿名的操作相關資料(例如IP位址、作業系統版本、頁面的停留時間等),作為應用程式穩定度及客群分析等之參考依據。欲了解所蒐集之個人資料以及利用情形,以及您的相關權利,請詳見其 隱私權政策

TransTaiwan使用Google提供之Admob服務進行個人化的廣告投放,欲了解其所蒐集之個人資料以及利用情形,以及您的相關權利,請詳見其 廣告政策。若您使用Android作業系統,可透過系統設定取消個人化的廣告。請前往您的裝置的 設定 > Google > 廣告 > 停用廣告個人化

若您使用「儲存行程至Google日曆」的功能,TransTaiwan會存取您的Google日曆,並在您的Google日曆中新增行程,TransTaiwan不會對您在日曆中原有的行程做任何的修改或刪除,也不會將使用者的日曆資料用做其他用途。您可以於Google帳戶中的 安全性 > 具有帳戶存取權的第三方應用程式 > 管理第三方存取權 當中,管理應用程式權限。若您想要了解Google如何與TransTaiwan分享您的相關資料,以及如何設定,請參閱Google 如何協助您安全地與第三方應用程式和服務分享資料

TransTaiwan uses Google Analytics to track your app usage. Information such as your IP-address, operating system version, time spend at each screen is gathered anonymously through Google Analytics. For a detailed explanation about how Google Analytics process your personal information, please refer to its Privacy Policy

TransTaiwan serves personalized ads through Admob provided by Google. For a detailed explanation about how Admob process your personal information, please refer to its Advertising Policy If you are using Android, you may opt-out of personalized advertisements by selecting Device Setings > Google > Ads > Opt out of Ads Personalization

If you use the “Save Itinerary to Google Calendar” function, TransTaiwan will have access to your Google Calendar and add events to the calendar. TransTaiwan will not modify or delete user’s original events in the calendar, and will not use the calendar’s data for other purposes. You can manage application permissions in your Google Account. Go to Security section > Third-party app with account access > Manage third-party access, select the app that you want to review. Please visit How Google helps you share data safely with third-party apps & services for further details.